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Kingsburry House (Heritage Junction)

24101 Newhall Ave Newhall

Heritage Junction

This home was originally built in 1878, and was located at 8th and San Fernando Road (now known as Main Street). It was occupied by Lyman Stewart in 1883, who later formed the Union Oil Co. 

August Ferrier bought the house in 1911, moved the structure to Walnut Street, and leased it to the Young family. Julia H. Young owned and managed the drug store, and was voted Queen of the first Newhall Rodeo. Ted Kornelissen, a native-born Dutchman who became the local mailman, bought the property from Ferrier. He then sold it to Ruth and Charles Kingsburry in 1943. Charles was a veteran of the Spanish-American War. He helped build the powerhouse in San Francisquito Canyon and operated a meat market in Newhall.

In 1987, the home was purchased by local Realtor Jim Droz and dentist Alan Fine and donated to the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society. It was moved to its present location in July of 1987. 

The Kingsburry House is architecturally significant as an outstanding example of colonial-revival style that has not been modified, with the exception of two additions at the rear: one to enclose the kitchen and indoor bathroom, and a second for a service area and additional bedroom. The house originally consisted of a living room, dining area and two bedrooms. Cooking was probably done outside on a back porch. It has a pyramid-shaped roof and shed porch. 

Courtesy of Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society