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Tom Mix Cottages (Old Town Newhall)

24247 Main St Newhall

Old Town Newhall

The Tom Mix Cottages #1 and #2, located at 24247-24251 Main Street (formerly San Fernando Road), are significant for their association with the film industry in Santa Clarita.

Tom Mix Cottage #1 (24247) was built in 1919 by Halsey W. Russell. Six additional cottages, including Tom Mix Cottage #2 (24251) were built in 1922, forming a motor court of seven cottages catering to drivers on the old Ridge Route.

The structures were used as lodging by people in the motion picture industry during local filming. Tom Mix used one cottage as a dressing room on several occasions. The area was known as "Mixville" before the larger Mixville Studio in Glendale. The cottages are now used as private businesses.