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Veteran's Historical Plaza

24275 Walnut St Newhall

This beautiful plaza commemerates veterans that served in all wars is a unique filming location in Old Town Newhall.  Productions that have filmed at the Veteran's Historical Plaza include:

The Road Within-Feature
Justified (Season 6, "Collateral" episode)-TV
NCIS (Season 10,  "Berlin" episode)-TV
NCIS (Season 10, "Damned If You Do" episode)-TV
NCIS (Season 11, "Devil's Triad" episode)-TV
The Unit (Season 2, "Natural Selection" episode)-TV
Matador (Season 1, "Mala Sangre" episode)-TV 
NCIS (Season 12, "Troll" episode)-TV
NCIS (Season 12, "The Lost Boys" episode)-TV 
Ten Days in the Valley (Season 1, "Day out of Days" episode)-TV 
Ten Days in the Valley (Season 1, "Below the Line" episode)-TV 
Mayans MC (Season 1, Pilot episode)-TV