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Way Station Coffee Shop

24377 Main St Newhall

This classic American diner has been a fixture in Old Town Newhall and a frequently filmed location since opening their doors in 1971.  Productions that have filmed at the Way Station Coffee Shop include:

CSI (Season 2, "Felonious Monk" episode)-TV
Franklin & Bash-TV
Jane by Design-TV
John from Cincinatti-TV
Justified (Season 2, "Debts and Accounts" episode)-TV
Justified (Season 3, "Cut Ties" episode)-TV
Knight Rider-TV
The Bridge (Season 1, "The Beetle")-TV
The Riches-TV
Switched at Birth (Season 3, "The Ambush" episode)-TV
Criminal Minds (Season 10, "The Itch" episode)-TV
Justified (Season 6, "Trust" episode)-TV 
Audi "Oil Parade"-Commercial