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Edison House (Heritage Junction)

24101 Newhall Ave Newhall

Heritage Junction

This house was one of a group of cottages built by the Southern California Edison Company to house employees in 1919 when the Newhall substation was opened. It was moved west of Saugus in 1925 when the "new" substation was completed and five other homes were built of identical design. Assistant Edison Patrolman Raymond Starbard occupied it and was credited as being the first to spread the alarm of the 1928 St. Francis Dam disaster. The cottages were sold to Newhall Land and Farming Company on January 17, 1972.

This cottage was donated to the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society and moved to Heritage Junction on January 18, 1989. 

Architecturally significant, not only for their Swiss-Germanic Style, but for being unmodified, this single family residence has a shingled, gabled roof, clapboard siding, and hardwood floors.

Courtesy of Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society