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Santa Clarita History Bear

24500 Main St Newhall

By Frank Rock

Date: 2017
Type: Sculpture
Material: Fiberglass
Collection: City of Santa Clarita, Art in Public Places
Placement: Old Town Newhall Library

Description: One of several art bears that grace sites around Santa Clarita, The Santa Clarita History Bear is a life-sized representation of a California Grizzly Bear. Painted by artist and long-time resident Frank Rock, the bear depicts many scenes from Santa Clarita history.

“I wanted to convey a sense of our local history. I wanted to cover all cultural and tangible aspects of Santa Clarita from the oil and film industry to indigenous animals and flora. Plus, I included my favorite point of interest, the St. Francis Dam.”  - Frank Rock

The bear chosen for the blank model was the Monarch grizzly, the largest bear ever to be killed in California. It is the bear that appears on the California State flag. Weighing 2,350 pounds and said to have killed and eaten seven grown men, the Monarch grizzly was shot right here in Santa Clarita in 1877. Each life-sized replica is more than 10 feet in length and more than 5 feet tall. This installation was commissioned by The Canyon Theatre Guild.