Closet on Main (formerly)

24335 Main St Newhall - Closet on Main was a classy boutique that sold new and gently used upscale clothing. Productions that have filmed at Closet on Main include:

Abe's Pawn Shop (formerly)

24336 Main St Newhall - Once the oldest pawn shop in Santa Clarita, Abe's  offered unique items and has served as a backdrop for multiple productions including:

Commando Military Surplus (formerly)

24319 Main St Newhall - Established in 1980, this surplus store specialized in selling military apparel and camping gear. Productions that have filmed at Commando Military Surplus include:

Voodoo Vinyl (formerly)

24269 Main St Newhall - Voodoo Vinyl was a small family owned and operated shop specializing in offering both new and used records. Filming that has taken place at Voodoo Vinyl includes:

Brave New World Comics (formerly)

22722 Lyons Ave Newhall - Brave New World Comics was a one-stop shop for comic books, graphic novels, children's books, comic book signings, table top gaming, and is the pop culture epicenter of the Santa Clarita Valley. Productions that have filmed at Brave New World Comics include:

Maison on Main

24261 1/2 Main St Newhall - Home decor and gift boutique

Placerita Liquor

24356 Main St Newhall - This liquor store offers a variety of refreshments and has been used as a filming location several times. Productions that have filmed at Placerita Liquor include:

The Break Room

22620 Lyons Ave Newhall - Pool hall, restaurant, and sports bar all in one place

Care Tucker

24264 Main St Newhall - Boutique of curated fashion brands, chic home goods, and fun gifts

8th & Main Hair Lounge

24355 Main St Newhall - Hair salon

C'est L'amour Nail

24450 Main St Newhall - Nail salon and spa

Brixton Phoenix

unit 160 24480 Main St - Comfortable, playful and sustainable loungewear


150 24480 Main St - Curated women's fashion, accessories, home décor, and gifts

Victory Pizza Bar

150 24450 Main St - Barcade & Pinball Lounge serving New York Style Pizza

Yoga Yoga

24421 Walnut St Newhall - Stay Fit with Yoga

Zushingazo Sushi on Main

24328 Main St Newhall - Sushi bar

Wide Eye Lounge

24480 Main St Newhall - Full service eye care, enjoy coffee, and shop all in the same place

The Daily Harvest

22722 Lyons Ave Newhall #6 - Cold-pressed juicery & café


24353 Main St Newhall - Handcrafted bath & body boutique

Salt and Freckles

22722 Lyons Ave Newhall, Suite 3 - Combines the best in beauty, beachwear & bronze

Rocket Fizz

24357 Main St Newhall - Soda pop & candy shop

Pulchella Winery

24261 Main St Newhall - Winery


24417 Walnut St Newhall - Distinctive clothing & home décor

Pop’s Artisanal Creamery

24480 Main St Newhall - Small batch, ice cream & sorbets, vegan friendly

McGregor Shott, Inc

24325 Main Street, 101 Santa Clarita, CA 91321 - Graphic Design and Corporate Branding

Planet Soccer

24331 Main St Newhall - One stop shop for soccer needs

Laemmle Theatres

22500 Lyons Ave Newhall - Movie theater

La Charrita Restaurant

24225 Main St Newhall - Mexican & Seafood + Vegan options

Jazmin’s Bakery/Panaderia

24330 Main St Newhall - Yummy bakery with specialty cakes

Jazmin's Restaurant

24367 Main St Newhall - Wide array of fresh Mexican food

IMAC Medical Group

24237 Main St Newhall - IMAC Medical Group provides medical services in the Santa Clarita Valley. Producations that have filmed at IMAC Medical Group include:

Honu Coffee

22722 Lyons Ave Newhall - Coffee shop & meeting room

Grit + Gratitude

24480 Main St Newhall - Pilates, yoga & meditation classes

El Trocadero Mesquite Steakhouse

24274 Main St Newhall - Beautiful Downtown dining

El Trocadero Restaurant

24274 Main St Newhall - This restaurant specializing in Sonoran cuisine has hosted filming several times. Productions that have filmed at El Trocadero include:

El Taco Llama

24374 Main St Newhall - Mexican food restaurant

El Taco Llama

24374 Main St Newhall - Taco Llama boasts some of the most delicious and authentic Mexican food in the Santa Clarita Valley. Productions that have filmed at Taco Llama include:

El Pueblo Restaurant

24400 Walnut St Newhall - Mexican food restaurant

El Pariente

24375 Main St Newhall - Mexican food restaurant

Eighth & Rail

22505 8th St Newhall - New/old style pub

Egg Plantation

24415 Walnut St Newhall - 101 omelets and more

Egg Plantation

24415 Walnut St Newhall - This very popular restaurant offers delicious breakfast and lunch fare and is a favorite among locals and film crews. Productions that have filmed at the Egg Plantation include:

Downtown Dollar Store

24259 Main St Newhall - Offering traditional and unique novelties for $1

Double Trouble Wine Room

24338 Main St Newhall - The Double Trouble Wine Room  – so named for the two wineries it houses, Hoi Polloi and Pagter Bros Wineries – is a spacious, comfortable and fun place to enjoy world-class, hand-crafted wines from top vineyards in California, and made locally in Santa Clarita. Productions that have filmed here include:

Complete Pilates and Fitness

22800 Lyons Ave Newhall, Suite 120 - Classes for fitness and athletic training

Caring Quality Dental

24229 Main St Newhall - Caring Quality Dental is a film friendly dental office. Productions that have film here include:

Brewery Draconum

24407 Main St Newhall - Brewery & Pub

Bonanza Liquor Market

24301 Main St Newhall - This convenience store offers a variety of groceries, wines and spirits and also serves as a film location. Productions that have filmed at Bonanza Liquor Market include: