Newhall Walking Tour - Santa Clarita, CA

Dan White

Main St. (West Side) - Dan White was born to George and Orpha White in Falmouth, Florida, one of thirteen siblings. The Whites moved to Lakeland during World War I. By age 14, White was in show business. He left home to travel thousands of miles throughout the South in tent, minstrel, vaudeville and theater shows. His brother Willard joined him for nine years in a show in Tampa's Rialto Theatre. Frances Langford worked with White during the time, and he convinced her to go to Hollywood. During this period, he met Tilda Spivey and proposed marriage on February 25, 1933. She had a 2-year-old child, Arthur Gifford, from a previous marriage. Dan left show business for financial reasons to work with the Civilian Conservation Corps. He still longed for a career in entertainment and took a cruise to Los Angeles. He and his family made extra stops at cities all over the country to earn money to continue the tour.

Robert Fuller

Main St. (West Side) - Robert Fuller (born Leonard Leroy "Buddy" Lee, July 29, 1933), is an American horse rancher and retired actor. He began his career on television, guest-starring primarily on Western programs, while appearing in several movies including: The Brain from Planet Arous; Teenage Thunder (both in 1957); Return of the Seven (1966); Incident at Phantom Hill (also 1966); and The Hard Ride (1971). In his five decades of television, Fuller was known for his deep, raspy voice and was familiar to television viewers throughout the 1960s and 1970s from his co-starring roles as Jess Harper and Cooper Smith on the popular 1960s Western series Laramie and Wagon Train, and was also well known for his starring role as Dr. Kelly Brackett in the 1970s medical /action drama Emergency!

James Drury

Main St. (West Side) - Drury was born in New York City, the son of James Child Drury and Beatrice Crawford Drury. His father was a New York University professor of marketing at New York University. He grew up in both New York and Oregon. Drury contracted polio at the age of ten.

Fleur Wellness Spa

24247 Main St Newhall -

Newhall Community Center

22421 Market St Newhall - This ice house has been located in Old Town Newhall since the 1920's and has been used as a film location mulitple times. Productions that have filmed at the Newhall Ice Company include:

Newhall Paint Store

24401 Main St Newhall - Newhall Paint supplies several productions with their specialty painting needs and also serves as a film location. Productions that have filmed at Newhall Paint include:

Veteran's Historical Plaza

24275 Walnut St Newhall - This beautiful plaza commemerates veterans that served in all wars is a unique filming location in Old Town Newhall.  Productions that have filmed at the Veteran's Historical Plaza include:

Luscious Soul

22700 Lyons Ave Newhall - A marriage of classic European lifestyle with the minimalism of California cool

Newhall Cowboys

24242 Main St Newhall - By Toni P. Haigh

Where’s Vasquez?

24316 Main St Newhall - By Anne Marie Durrach

Tribute to Early Western Movies

24237 Main St Newhall - By Cecily Willis

Scenes of Old

24275 Main St Newhall - By Gerda Maxey

Wild About Santa Clarita

24300 Main St Newhall - By Donna Weil

Growing Up

24303 Main St Newhall - By Ray Pinjanthuk

Walk of Western Stars

24254 Main St Newhall - By Victoria Sulski and Peter Bartczak

Adventures in Fantasy

24500 Main St Newhall - By Kurt Conner and Jedd Strange

Willie Johnston

24275 Walnut St Newhall - By Mark Henn

History of Santa Clarita's Southern Hotel

24275 Main St Newhall - By Frank Rock

Howdy Cleaners

24500 Main St Newhall - By Frank Rock

Community in Action

22421 Market St Newhall - By Marc Kolodziejczyk and Nicole Armitage 

The Ever Changing Wall

22510 9th St Newhall - By The ARTree

Mural by DALeast

24401 Main St Newhall - By DALeast

California Vaqueros

24274 Main St Newhall - By Nicole Ponsler

Santa Clarita History Bear

24500 Main St Newhall - By Frank Rock

Into The West

24224 Main St Newhall - By Jim Ulrick

Siestas For Fiestas

24262 Walnut St Newhall - Beach inspired boutique that gives back

La Charrita Restaurant

24225 Main St Newhall - Mexican & Seafood + Vegan options

McGregor Shott, Inc

24325 Main Street, 101 Santa Clarita, CA 91321 - Graphic Design and Corporate Branding

Argelia's Beauty Salon

24359 Main St Newhall - Beauty salon

Dr. David Tanner

22800 Lyons Ave Newhall, Suite 200 - Dentist

Spa Prive'

22800 Lyons Ave Newhall, Suite 100 - Day Spa providing skin care, waxing and makeup application

Emile Chaix Residence (Old Town Newhall)

24338 Walnut St Newhall - Old Town Newhall

Roy’s Cycle Service

24421 Main St Newhall - Motorcycle repair shop


24300 Main St Newhall - Specialty Cakes and Desserts

Miss Sol

24353 Main St Newhall - Women's fashion boutique featuring affordable clothing and accessories. Available sizes S through 3XL

Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center

24264 Main St Newhall - Top dental care and customized cosmetic dentistry

Persia Lounge & Restaurant

24328 Main St Newhall -

Persia Lounge

24328 Main St Newhall - This restaurant specializing in Persian cuisine and has been used as a film location. Productions that have filmed at Persia Lounge include:

Jazmin’s Bakery/Panaderia

24330 Main St Newhall - Yummy bakery with specialty cakes

Commando Military Surplus

24319 Main St Newhall - Established in 1980, this surplus store specializes in selling military apparel and camping gear. Productions that have filmed at Commando Military Surplus include:

Commando Military Surplus

24319 Main St Newhall - Military surplus, tactical gear, and emergency preparedness supplies

Newhall Press Room

24257 Main St Newhall - Wine, cheese and coffee bar

Parlor on Main

24333 Main St Newhall - Parlor on Main is a local salon that has been used a filming location severel times. Productions that have filmed at Parlor on Main include:

Carberry Bldg.

24325 Main St Newhall - Business Offices

El Taco Llama

24374 Main St Newhall - Taco Llama boasts some of the most delicious and authentic Mexican food in the Santa Clarita Valley. Productions that have filmed at Taco Llama include:

David’s Café

24367 Main St Newhall - This unique restruant offer authentic Mexican cuisine. Productions that have filmed at David's Café include:

Complete Pilates and Fitness

22800 Lyons Ave Newhall, Suite 120 - Classes for fitness and athletic training

Old Town Newhall Association

PO Box 221614 - Association dedicated to revitalization of Old Town Newhall