Newhall Walking Tour

Newhall Cowboys

24242 Main St Newhall - By Toni P. Haigh

Where’s Vasquez?

24316 Main St Newhall - By Anne Marie Durrach

Tribute to Early Western Movies

24237 Main St Newhall - By Cecily Willis

Scenes of Old

24275 Main St Newhall - By Gerda Maxey

Wild About Santa Clarita

24300 Main St Newhall - By Donna Weil

Growing Up

24303 Main St Newhall - By Ray Pinjanthuk

Walk of Western Stars

24254 Main St Newhall - By Victoria Sulski and Peter Bartczak

Adventures in Fantasy

24500 Main St Newhall - By Kurt Conner and Jedd Strange

Willie Johnston

24275 Walnut St Newhall - By Mark Henn

History of Santa Clarita's Southern Hotel

24275 Main St Newhall - By Frank Rock

Howdy Cleaners

24500 Main St Newhall - By Frank Rock

Community in Action

22421 Market St Newhall - By Marc Kolodziejczyk and Nicole Armitage 

The Ever Changing Wall

22510 9th St Newhall - By The ARTree

Mural by DALeast

24401 Main St Newhall - By DALeast

California Vaqueros

24274 Main St Newhall - By Nicole Ponsler

Santa Clarita History Bear

24500 Main St Newhall - By Frank Rock

Into The West

24224 Main St Newhall - By Jim Ulrick

Siestas For Fiestas

24262 Walnut St Newhall - Beach inspired boutique that gives back

La Charrita Restaurant

24225 Main St Newhall - Mexican & Seafood + Vegan options

McGregor Shott, Inc

24325 Main Street, 101 Santa Clarita, CA 91321 - Graphic Design and Corporate Branding

Argelia's Beauty Salon

24359 Main St Newhall - Beauty salon

Dr. David Tanner

22800 Lyons Ave Newhall, Suite 200 - Dentist

Spa Prive'

22800 Lyons Ave Newhall, Suite 100 - Day Spa providing skin care, waxing and makeup application

Emile Chaix Residence (Old Town Newhall)

24338 Walnut St Newhall - Old Town Newhall

Roy’s Cycle Service

24421 Main St Newhall - Motorcycle repair shop


24300 Main St Newhall - Specialty Cakes and Desserts

Miss Sol

24353 Main St Newhall - Women's fashion boutique featuring affordable clothing and accessories. Available sizes S through 3XL

Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center

24264 Main St Newhall - Top dental care and customized cosmetic dentistry

Persia Lounge & Restaurant

24328 Main St Newhall -

Persia Lounge

24328 Main St Newhall - This restaurant specializing in Persian cuisine and has been used as a film location. Productions that have filmed at Persia Lounge include:

Jazmin’s Bakery/Panaderia

24330 Main St Newhall - Yummy bakery with specialty cakes

Commando Military Surplus

24319 Main St Newhall - Established in 1980, this surplus store specializes in selling military apparel and camping gear. Productions that have filmed at Commando Military Surplus include:

Commando Military Surplus

24319 Main St Newhall - Military surplus, tactical gear, and emergency preparedness supplies

Newhall Press Room

24257 Main St Newhall - Wine, cheese and coffee bar

Parlor on Main

24333 Main St Newhall - Parlor on Main is a local salon that has been used a filming location severel times. Productions that have filmed at Parlor on Main include:

Carberry Bldg.

24325 Main St Newhall - Business Offices

El Taco Llama

24374 Main St Newhall - Taco Llama boasts some of the most delicious and authentic Mexican food in the Santa Clarita Valley. Productions that have filmed at Taco Llama include:

David’s Café

24367 Main St Newhall - This unique restruant offer authentic Mexican cuisine. Productions that have filmed at David's Café include:

Complete Pilates and Fitness

22800 Lyons Ave Newhall, Suite 120 - Classes for fitness and athletic training

Old Town Newhall Association

PO Box 221614 - Association dedicated to revitalization of Old Town Newhall

Pagter Brothers Winery

24338 Main St Newhall - Small batch, handcrafted big wines

Eighth & Rail (The Vu Bar & Lounge)

22505 8th St Newhall - This hip live entertainment lounge is Santa Clarita's oldest watering hole and a popular film location in Old Town Newhall. Productions that have filmed at Eighth and Rail include:

Pulchella Winery

24261 Main St Newhall -

Heritage Junction Historic Park

24151 Newhall Ave Newhall - A distinct link to Santa Clarita’s history with guided tours of historic sites

Lisa Duncan Interiors

24262 Walnut St Newhall - Home Decor and Interior Design services

Downtown Dollar Store

24259 Main St Newhall - Offering traditional and unique novelties for $1

Closet on Main

24255 Main St Newhall - Shopping without guilt

Assistance League Resale

24364 Main St Newhall - Benefitting local families in need